How much do you flat panels weigh?

It depends on the size, but a 2.4m x 1.2m (8’ x 4’) flat including crossbars and cover weighs just 5Kg

How small do the frames fold down?

A 2.4m x 1.2m (8’ x 4’) flat will fold down to 1.2m x 0.2m (4’ x 8”)

Are the panels easy to use?

Yes – they are very simple – see this video:

How long does a panel take to put up?

To unfold the frame, put the cover on and put the crossbars in takes between 1 and 2 minutes.

Are the flat panels extendable?

Yes – we offer extenders, so you can extend the framework, meaning you don’t need to buy multiple frame sizes, you can just extend your existing ones.

What is the best way to join the frames together?

In a straight line, the best way to join them together is with push clamps (£7 each) – but we do also offer a connector system with our premium crossbars, which allows you to join panels together at an angle.

Do you offer printed covers?

Yes – we offer a Velcro system for printed covers – see this video:

What is the maximum size of a flat panel?

With our lycra covers, we go up to 4m high x 1.2m wide. With printed covers, you can go up to 2.4m wide and 4m high

Do you offer a “complete set in a box” solution?

Yes – our Euroset is exactly that – an 8’ wide 16:9 projection screen set including flat panels, that all goes in one box. See this video:

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